EASYWELD is an intraoral welding unit that meets the requirements of both the dentist and the patient.
Its specific and consolidated technology allows EASYWELD to join the provisional abutments positioned on the implants together through a titanium bar. This way, the just-one-piece structure obtained can support and strengthen the provisional dentures while providing passivity and stability over time.

Everything is done at the chair, without any risks for the patient, who can leave with new fixed and stable dentures in their mouth. One session is all you need, which means reducing costs considerably




- Shorter times
- It promotes immediate implant stabilisation, thereby minimising the chances of failure
- It’s functional and effective and allows you to immediately deliver long-term provisional dentures
- No impressions required, as the bar is fixed to the abutments
- Stronger and sturdier provisional dentures reducing breakage risks


You can use EASYWELD with any immediate loading implant system.



3 The bar is welded onto two EA abutments to create a temporary 3-tooth bridge.
3 The temporary bridge in place
3 The post-op x-ray