Studies & Research

This bibliographic collection of studies on the WINSIX® Implant System confirms the interest and commitment of universities, research centres, and prestigious dental and maxillofacial professionals, who have helped develop and implement our projects and innovations. This volume is an important contribution to the technological and scientific development of oral implantology.

All the aspects and applications of the WINSIX® Implant System have been illustrated and all the variables have been fulfilled in over 20 years of research. In particular:

- we have carried out many in vitro studies using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to analyse the implant surfaces and the bone tissue cells that come into contact with them, followed by molecular biology studies

- we have published our studies in peer-reviewed and impact factor journals, as well as in popular dental journals

- we have presented and discussed these studies at conferences and poster sessions

This way, by implementing the principles of translational research, the WINSIX® IMPLANT SYSTEM has become the implant system it is today, used by thousands of dentists who are extremely satisfied with the outcomes it provides.