WINSIX® Implant System

For over 20 years now, Dentist Centres and dental private practices, with different kinds and flows of patients, have been using WINSIX® Implant System with satisfaction.
The certified quality of products, which undergo product-by-product controls, and the solutions suggested, always up-to-date in meeting the patients’ needs, assure the maximum operative tranquillity to the Dentists.

impianto torque type

48X magnification of a TORQUE TYPE® implant. MicroRough Surface® and cells adhesion.




CAB® Clip Abutment Bar:
- International Patent PCT/EP2011/072448
- US patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office


Medical devices belonging to WINSIX® Implant System enjoy third party liability and product liability coverages.

The solid scientific foundation which backs the development of the devices allows to join technological innovation to consistency among the various lines, sparing the dentistry teams demanding changes in the operative procedures or costly material replacements.

The significant Company development speaks for the broad support that WINSIX® Implant System is daily receiving from Dentists all over the world.