A surgical kit for the alternating osteotome technique for the treatment of atrophic posterior maxillae


The alternating osteotome technique: the reasons why
In the event of atrophic posterior maxillae – when the bone is resorbed according to the parameters described as an indication for the Summer technique – Prof. Luciano Malchiodi recommends his Alternating Osteotome Technique, which has several similarities with other osteotomy procedures but also differences that make it unique.

Prof. Malchiodi’s technique is indicated for type SA2 and SA3 maxillary sinus atrophy. In these two severe forms of atrophy, the osteotomy methodology is similar.

  • The alternate use of concave osteotomes and convex bone compactors allows for an initial vertical bone compaction (concave osteotome) and a subsequent horizontal one (convex osteotome). This way, the vectors of the combined forces are completely different compared to the ones obtained through the traditional Summers technique.
  • Alternating these two instruments equipped with pre-ordered cortical stops allows for a gradual increase in the depth of the implant site, thereby minimising any risk of perforation.