The WINSIX® Implant System was created in 1995 to provide a high-performance implant device that could meet various anatomical and aesthetic requirements while ensuring a simple and linear clinical use.

This system is based on the technological evolution of synergistic and efficient instruments and devices, which, in clinical practice, translate into ease of use, time saving, and reduced management costs. This is the only system that offers so many different implant shapes – with 4 types of connection – which can be managed with one single surgical kit. This kit includes all the burs and instruments for inserting the implant in the exact sequence in which they are to be used. Designed specifically to give dentists the best results. All this brings exceptional benefits for patients, including shorter and less invasive procedures, which are also more sustainable and affordable.

WINSIX® implants are made of commercially pure GRADE 4 titanium from controlled and certified sources.

All original WINSIX® implant accessories are made of GRADE 5 titanium from controlled and certified sources.

The surgical instruments are made of AISI630 surgical steel.