International Training 2017

Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele Dental Clinic Milano
Direttore Scientifico: Enrico Gherlone
Coordinatore Scientifico: Raffaele Vinci

Today, practicing the dental profession requires specific skills that allow the professional to propose himself in a competitive way within the therapeutic scenario of his proposals to the patient.

The most important points to take into account are: The knowledge and ability to apply innovative therapies; to be able to carry out effective and short-time treatments; to never neglect the aesthetic aspect in comparison to the functional one; and finally, to bring everything back to affordable costs.

Implementing effective and high-quality standards is the guideline and goal of BIOSAFIN, to be pursued by organizing training courses for dentists and experts.
The EDUCATION 2017 training program is based on the experience gained over time and the company's sensitivity towards the most modern approach to the dental profession, in a dynamic and purposeful way.
At the San Raffaele Dental Clinic in Milan, a team of professionals will take part in the EDUCATION 2017 training program.
Every year dozens of students attend this excellence site in Milan, that provides the most up-to-date structures and tools, allowing a correct and effective acquisition of the concepts and experiences shared with the teachers themselves.

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