International Training 2018

University Life & Health - San Raffaele Dental School - Post-graduate school 
Course Director: Enrico Gherlone
Scientific Director: Raffaele Vinci

This successful 9th edition of the Postgraduate Course in Implant-Prosthetics has demonstrated its ability to adapt over the years to the profound transformations that have taken place in relation to operating techniques and prosthetic materials. Postgraduate professors will address new methodologies, giving space to discuss ideas. The aim of the course is to present new operating methods with or without the help of digital software, which include the insertion of inclined implants, trans-sinus implants and lateral alveolar nerve lateralization. In order to support teaching, a live-surgery session is planned for each meeting as well as a hands-on course of implant surgery on human preparations. At the end of the course, the Postgraduate Diploma in Implant-Prosthetics will be issued after passing the final exam.

Speakers in alphabetical order:
Silvio Abati
Enrico Agliardi
Stefano Bianchi
Francesco Bova
Angelo Calderini
Paolo Capparé
Carmine Caracciolo
Francesca Cattoni
Giancarlo Ceresola
Giovanni Colombo Bolla
Massimo De Sanctis
Francesco Ferrini

Marco Finotti
Giorgio Gastaldi
Marco Granatiero
Giuseppe La Rocca
Antonio Lazetera
Michele Manacorda
Roberto Mazzanti
Paolo Monestiroli
Elisabetta M.Polizzi
Andrea Rapanelli
Raffaele Vinci

ECM accredited course: 50 credits proposed for Surgeon - Dentist. Credits will be sent at the end of the course by e-mail to those entitled and following the verification of the requested data.

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fax: 06 61709413
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