International Training 2018

University Life & Health - San Raffaele Dental School - Post-graduate school
Course director: Enrico Gherlone
Scientific director: Giorgio Gastaldi
Coordinators: Francesca Cattoni, Francesco Ferrini

Location of the course: Milan, San Raffaele Dental Clinic, Via Olgettina 48 - Dimer

The aim of this course is to train / improve operators’ skills by providing scientific-clinical and product-related notions regarding operational and methodological protocols in the field of fixed prostheses on natural elements of the modern implant-prosthesis discipline.

The educational path will be theoretical-practical, focused on modern digital techniques with direct operations and thanks to the use of the structures and equipment belonging to the new Department of Dentistry (Dental Clinic / Dental School).

Speakers in alphabetical order:
Stefano Bianchi
Roberto Broggi
Angelo Calderini
Gaetano Calesini
Gioacchino Cannizzaro
Giuseppe Cantatore
Francesca Cattoni
Giancarlo Ceresola
Marco Clementini
Massimo De Sanctis
Marco Ferrari

Francesco Ferrini
Giorgio Gastaldi
Giuseppe La Rocca
Antonio Lazetera
Ignazio Loi
Michele Manacorda
Aldo Russo
Maria Teresa Sberna
Paolo Smaniotto
Tullio Toti
Raffaele Vinci
Fernando Zarone

ECM accredited course: 50 credits proposed for Surgeon - Dentist. Credits will be sent at the end of the course by e-mail to those entitled, following the verification of the requested data.

Info and registration: B2B Consulting:
Tel. 06 6675247
fax: 06 61709413
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