International Training 2019

Computer-assisted implant and prosthetic plan

Course LocationDental centre BRUNO MARCELLI Via Sulpicio Rufo, 14 Roma

Speakers: Raffaele Vinci, Michele Manacorda, Bruno Marcelli
Saturday, June 1st 2019

This course shows a new method for planning and realizing implant-supported prosthetic rehabilitations. Implant plan phase is realized helped by a Radiology Diagnostic program and it provides the implantologist with opportunity to virtually plan implants, including prosthetic connections.

The mini invasive and flapless surgery is guided by the surgical template. During the prosthetic phase – in case of immediate load – a temporary built with CAD/CAM method, is ready to be screwed on the abutments. Aesthetic and functionality are planned with a digital study that exploits most recent and innovative techniques provided by rehabilitation digital workflow.

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