International Training 2019

Clinical rational and new protocol in the digital era

Teorical – practical course
From September to November 2019 (5 meetings)

Location: Study Club Team Marcelli - Rome

Course president: Maurizio Procaccini
Scientific Responsible: Bruno Marcelli

• Bruno Marcelli
• Virgilio Masini
• Stefano Leoni
• Stefano Zema
• Claudia Bianco
• Alberta Barlattani


SPEAKERS: (in alphabetic order)
• Vincenzo Ariano
• Stefano Bianchi
• Rodolfo Ciolli
• Stefano Leoni
• Luciano Malchiodi
• Michele Manacorda
• Giulia Manzo
• Bruno Marcelli

• Virgilio Masini
• Ivano Paolantoni
• Massimiliano Pezzotti
• Salvatore Russo
• Raffaele Vinci
• Stefano Zema

The course is aimed at a maximum of 15 dentists, who have both basic knowledge, willing to improve their operational ability, and good experience. Topics address implant-prosthetics, from basic to advanced techniques, organised in 5 sessions both theoretical and practical, from September to November.
During each lesson one or more Live Surgery sessions are planned, with the participation of trainees.
Moreover, speakers share their experience to enable learners to perform surgeries on their own patients, once planned.

CME credited course for a limited number of participants.

Information and registrations: B2B Consulting:
Tel. 06 6675247
fax: 06 61709413
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