International Training 2021
WEBINAR Annual Course 2022

WEBINAR Annual Course 2022

Vita - Salute San Raffaele University Dental Clinic - Milan, Italy
I.R.C.C.S. San Raffaele Hospital – San Donato Group - UniSR Dental School

Theoretical and hands on training lessons in General Dentistry from a diagnostic, conservative, gnathological, prosthetic and dental implant point of view: basic approaches and therapeutic innovations.

Course Director: Prof. Enrico Gherlone
Course Teachers: Teamwork San Raffaele
Also collaborating: 
Gaetano Calesini, Gioacchino Cannizzaro, Marco Esposito, Marco Ferrari, Loris Prosper, Tiziano Testori, Lorenzo Vanini, Fernando Zarone

From 7 April 2021 to 20 April 2022.

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