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BIOSAFIN Company Profile

We are an Italian company specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of dental implants, custom CAD/CAM prosthetics, guided surgery products and services, and custom-made invisible aligners. We are constantly expanding our production site – located in the hinterlands of Milan – and today it is home to our state-of-the-art CREA DIGITAL Centre.

Our know-how is firmly grounded in scientific research that has been conducted since 1995 in centres of excellence, with the help of dedicated clinical researchers.

The development of dental implants, accessories and implant devices aimed at offering ideal and innovative solutions for clinicians and patients lies at the heart of the company’s mission.

Manufacturing and management of the business are regularly audited and are certified to standards ISO9001 and ISO 13485 relating to medical devices. These ensure product traceability, continuous targets to improve performance, and consistent quality.

BIOSAFIN’s products are designed to meet the health and social needs of the community, and we are driven by trends in the dental market to seek solutions as well as opportunities, which is always supported by a punctual and attentive pre- and after-sales service, assisted by high-value professionals.

The BRANDS we produce:

  • WINSIX Implant System
  • BIALIGNER invisible aligners
  • CREA Digital Centre

BIOSAFIN became a Partner in the Italian Group CEFLA in 2018, establishing key collaborations for technical and scientific product development and commercial growth in Italy and worldwide.

BIOSAFIN is certified to:

UNI EN ISO 9001 which certifies the entire workflow, from start to finish, further demonstrating our compliance with quality standards considered optimal for the protection of the product – the Dentist – and the end user – the Patient.

UNI EN ISO 13485 specifically relevant to the Quality of Medical Devices.

The WINSIX implant system has achieved CE and FDA certification, as well as other patents for the originality and efficacy of the devices.

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