Certificazioni a garanzia di Qualità.

BIOSAFIN: a transparent company policy.
Company certifications for System and Product.

BIOSAFIN operates in a 100% transparent way and fully complying with European and international standards regulating the manufacturing of medical devices.

Manufacturing and corporate management are regularly audited and are certified to standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 relating to medical devices. They ensure product traceability, consistent manufacturing quality and continuous targets to improve performance.

Certifications are issued by the appropriate independent certifying bodies.
Certifications for Products and our Management System prove that they conform to the optimum set standards for Quality. For each category there is a different type of certification.

Certifications issued by the appropriate bodies constitute a guarantee for the user of the product or service – in our case the Dental Practice and the Patient.


The value of certification in dentistry

Using certified products and devices provides the professional with real peace of mind for the patient.

Certified medical devices ensure:

  • products you can trust backed by scientific development
  • consistent manufacturing quality
  • batch traceability

The WINSIX Implant System has received international CE certification as well as clearance from the US FDA

The CAB deviceClip Abutment Bar – has been recognised as innovative and original technological content by the European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.